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High T® Black is a cutting edge dietary supplement formulated specifically for active, physically competitive men. The ingredients work synergistically to naturally boost depleted testosterone and nitric oxide levels for increases strength, stamina, energy, and libido.†

"...I've been using High T Black for more than five years. I take four capsules every morning and I'm convinced it helps me. I'm older than I used to be and the natural boost in testosterone helps everything. I also like the ingredients that boost nitric oxide levels so I can have a better daily workout and recover more quickly. It's like two important supplements in one. I don't miss a day..." 


"...This product works WAY better than Nugenix. Everyone's system is different, but we have turned a few others on to this and it works well for them too..." 


"...In 1973, I graduated high school full of excitement for what the future held. However, as the years passed, I noticed a decline in my energy and enthusiasm in the bedroom. It seemed like my body just couldn't keep up with my mind anymore. One day, a friend recommended that I try a supplement called "High T Black" to see if it could help. Almost immediately, I began to notice some positive changes. My physique looked fuller and I felt a renewed interest in relationships with women. Most importantly, I felt a stronger and had a higher level of excitement that I hadn't experienced in years. Curious about what was happening, I decided to have my testosterone levels tested. To my surprise, my results showed that I had a testosterone level of 1400, which was close to the maximum level. The other men who were tested, had significantly lower levels ranging from 200-300. One friend even had a level under 100. After consistently taking High T Black for about a month, my testosterone levels tested at 1400. 1400! The difference in how I felt was remarkable - I felt stronger, happier, and more ready to tackle whatever life threw my way. Thanks to High T Black, I feel like a new man and I'm excited for what the future holds..."

-Kevin A